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We begin with a free initial telephone consultation, where you have the opportunity to explain the background around your issue and ask me questions before moving forward with our first session.


Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes either online using Zoom or at The Ketley Community Centre, Telford. EMDR sessions can take longer, up to 90mins in duration.


In order to gain an understanding of your situation, I will listen to you and if appropriate, use artwork, music, or guided imagery to uncover what maybe happening in your unconsciousness and suggest alternative perspectives which may enable you to gain a new understanding.


Each session is personalised to you as an individual, with the aim of supporting you to overcome the challenge, problem or issue you are facing. We may start with Counselling & Psychotherapy and then move onto EMDR in dealing with specific traumas.


There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions you need to attend. Research suggests clients usually engage in an average of 6 sessions, bearing in mind it may take one to two sessions to understand your background before discussing the intricacies and possible resolutions. 

Contact me for a free initial telephone consultation.

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